Jill Carrie & Bryan Benenati | Wedding | Aug 6 2016

BRYAN & JILL are gettin’ hitched on the ice where they first met
…in battle!

Get excited for eats, drinks, hockey, skating (optional),
dancing (not optional), and many super fun time shenanigans.

We’d also hope you & your fam will stay longer & explore DC with us!
We have great local events, every day!

Travel safe, we’ll see you in August!

They Met Before They Met

The handshake is a time-honored hockey tradition, but not exactly the one that gets its picture taken. Goals and big saves, yes. A hearty hand hug when the game is over? Dude, no.

Perhaps that’s why it’s either a little magical or a lot weird that after a game between the AU Lady Eagles and the Rooftop Rebels, a fan caught the very moment AU’s coach reached out to shake the opposing #4’s hand. ‘Good game.’

A month later they would meet again (for realzies) at a hockey sendoff. When Jill missed the last metro home, she and Bryan shared an ‘accidental date,’ walking and talking across half of DC.

Forever Family =)

Hockey first brought them together. In the six years of coaching / commissioning / cheering / scorekeeping / playing that followed, they became quite a team.

On August 6th, Bryan and Jill will meet on the very ice where they were rivals for the first and last time, to replace two words meant for opponents, ‘good game,’ with two meant forever: ‘I do.’

…we won’t think it’s weird if there are photos this time.

Facts about Bryan and Jill


– they like you, they really like you. You should come to their wedding kaythanksbye
– they survived a flood of OPP (other people’s poo). How have you not heard this story?!
– their dog has more Facebook followers than the two of them combined
– Jill does figure skating jumps in parking lots, grocery stores and at the dentist (she got him to do it too)
– Bryan did like eight million push-ups before you even finished reading this sentence
– Jill is Canadian which means she shouldn’t say ‘eh’ in the US. Bryan grew up in Jersey which means he’s supposed to say ‘ayyyyy’ on TV
– Bryan wants to tell you about the universe and Robert Kennedy and character development and how science fiction matters and about Emma Watson’s UN speech and show you a picture of Mr Wendell